Wedding Anniversaries 

How do you celebrate your wedding anniversary? Or how do you plan on celebrating your future anniversaries? Rochelle and David celebrated their 2nd wedding anniversary with a couples photo session. This was an amazing session that was supposed to be outside in the sunshine surrounded by flowers and beautiful scenery.. Unfortunately it rained that day and we couldn't be outside, so we we decided to just do it in the studio. I don't think I could of had anymore fun than we did that evening. There was a ton of laughing and as you can see from some of the photos a lot of fun was had by all. I think that everyone should try to relive their wedding day whenever possible. Wedding days are magical days where everyone is dressed up and looking their best, you are surrounded by your friends & family, and you make a promise for forever to the one you love! Who wouldn't want to relive that and have a little fun in the process? Don't get stuck in the same old routine! Do something different for your next anniversary! 



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